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Viewer Impressions

  1. Hi Elisha,

    Your CD straight from your heart really touched my heart. It is amazing to hear you pour out you heart in such beautiful poetry. I loved the piano music.

    The CD turned out very nice. Thank you very much for sending it to me. It really did make my day today. It was very beautiful and put together very well.

  2. Elisha – your book of poems & art is precious! I haven’t had a chance to read through all the poems, but I absolutely adore it! I will treasure the book always.

  3. Hi Elisha,


    I am so moved from the CD with your songs. The fact that you sent it to me and from its unexplainable affect on me.

    It is so beautiful that you decided to let your feelings bloom and to share them in such a beautiful way.

    Thanks for sharing,

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