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Viewer Impressions

Your impression are very important to me. Please let me know how you enjoy my art.

To leave your own viewer impression, scroll to the bottom of this page, log in with your facebook account, and fill out the form. You may also leave your impressions on the bottom of each work of art in the gallery, under each publication article, and at the bottom of each art show listing.

Viewer Impressions

  1. “Elisha, I’ve known you for years as a travel agent – I had no idea you were such an accomplished artist as well. Your pictures are very imaginative and diverse – I love your use of color and fine drawings.” – Danny

  2. “Elisha – Since you sent me the link to your art web site I keep going back to it, looking at your paintings again and again. I must say that I knew you were talented, but I didn’t know to what extent. Your paintings are just wonderful and beautiful. I love the compositions, the balance, the thoughts behind them and the colors. You should definitely continue to paint to enrich yourself and all of your art lovers.” – Nancy

  3. “Hi Elisha, I saw your web site. It came out very nice. Your art is very interesting. I especially liked the houses, which I haven’t seen before. Really, Kol Hakavod, (Congratulations)” – Sima

  4. “I didn’t know that you are into paintings and so good at it. I really enjoyed browsing through your very unique work. Your paintings are all wonderful. It feels like you sometime change your style depending on your feelings. Great work. My favorites are: The Musician, The impossible and In Pain. How wonderful it is to be able to express your emotions through beautiful art. Thanks for letting me view your view your paintings.” – Guity

  5. “Elisha, I never knew an artist personally, now I do. Your paintings have a personality all of their own. They have warmth and compassion. Keep up the great work. Soon you will be famous if you are not famous already.” – Adrienne

  6. “Elisha, I’m so proud of you. Your paintings are very interesting and thought provoking. I wish you much luck and success.” – Adeline

  7. “Congratulations Elisha….great job…good to see your art online and hope you are successful with this new medium.” – Dave

  8. “We know you were a very talented artist, but didn’t realize you were still painting. I was always a fan of Salvador Dali, but don’t know if he is your influence or not. It is obvious you do a great job of putting your imagination on canvas for interpretation by the viewer. Very impressive!” – Jim

  9. “Congratulations Elisha!! What an artist you are!! I like the painting of the fly very much.” – Vicky

  10. “Seeing your pictures felt like DéJà Vu all over again as I remember them so vividly hanging in your office. Your talent has never left you. Maybe we can paint together in the near future.” – Ed

  11. “I love your paintings! Your site looks beautiful and your pictures are unusual and captivating. Paint some more!!” – Johnny

  12. “I love peeking at your art on my computer screen. I especially enjoy the paintings of Jaffa and Jerusalem.” – Maureen

  13. “I had no idea that you were such a talented and gifted artist. Your work is amazing and really incredible – I am so impressed.” – Mina

  14. “What beautiful paintings. I couldn’t stop looking at them. I would click and click and click and keep going back over them again and again! You truly have a very deep and loving side to yourself. I think my favorite painting is Jerusalem. I can not tell you why other than I love the colors and the placement of the buildings which made me stop and just look and see what you have hidden inside the painting.” – Bonnie P.

  15. “Thank you for sharing your art with the world! You are incredibly talented – and we are all fortunate to see the world through your eyes!” – Heather

  16. “Your paintings are amazing!!!! Truly and absolutely amazing! I would love to have your paintings hung on display in the store.” – Corley

  17. “You are so talented!!! I think you will be famous someday. Keep on painting.” – Amy

  18. “I think you are absolutely great! Very talented.” – Irene

  19. “It was… nostalgic to visit your web site and see a few pictures which I am so familiar with… we had a few of your prints hanging on our wall for a good few years.” – Dave

  20. “I always knew you had the talent and your paintings definitely show it! Good luck!” – Shlomit

  21. “I am absolutely speechless! These are wonderful paintings – I knew you were talented but I had no idea to what extent. I love them all but especially the one with the couple in the beit cafe by the sea – it’s just beautiful & also very intruiging (their faces are blank).” – Reba

  22. “Very nice Elisha… I like the personal history you included.” – Susan

  23. “I knew that you have painted, but thought it was a hobby. I can see now that you are exceptionally talented!! Wonderful web site you have developed.” – Lois

  24. “I love your work! I was researching an artist for school, and had trouble finding an artist whose focus was conveying emotions in portraits, then I read about you in the small business times, and your “emotions” show. I am working on emotions for my concentration in my art class. I really like your perspective on emotions and use of lines. Thank you for reading.” – Julia

  25. “I checked out your art website and was so moved by your personal statement You are a very humble man who has accomplished so very much in your lifetime. It is an honor and a pleasure to have met you on the Italy tour. Thanks again for a memorable trip.” – Peggy Steiger

  26. “Your paintings are stunning! You are really so talented – my favorites are “emotions” and “in Jaffa” but I really like all of them. Your use of colors and drawing are very beautiful to my eyes. Keep up the good work!” – Reba

  27. “Ciao Elisha, I like all your paintings. You are really a great artist. The ones I like most are Jerusalem and Village on a Mountain.” – Mario from Sorrento, Italy

  28. “Congratulations on your new paintings. How wonderful that you have two so different things in your life that you feel passionate about; art and travel.” – Eva

  29. “My compliments for the beautiful paintings. The painting I like the most is “Heart Strings” ” – Doralisa from Sorrento, Italy

  30. Hi Elisha, What a beautiful write up. You are truly blessed. Not very many people can say that. I am very happy for you. Your work is quite extraordinarily beautiful. Thanks for sharing the news with me. Regards, Guity

  31. Wow! We are truly impressed, but not surprised. We have always enjoyed your art work, and we too are blessed to have one of your best works! Joe & Pat DeBelak

  32. Elisha, How wonderful!!! Your joy is contagious! Blessings, Sue

  33. Dear Elisha: Congratulations on this prestigious honor of having your art displayed in Italy! In looking at your paintings, I can see why the judges chose you as one of the artists they wished to show-case. I believe this could open many avenues for you! God bless you! – Jerry Brooks

  34. Wow! Congratulations Elisha! Your work is fantastic! Janet Warner

  35. Congratulations, Elisha. Your work is magnificent. I am happy you are receiving the recognition you so deserve. Thanks for sharing this good news with us. – Jerry & Shirley Rose

  36. Thank you Elisha for sharing more of your art with me. You have a definite unique style. You have great artistic ability. Connie Dill

  37. Elisha, I love your work. I often look at it, and you don’t even know it. Of course my favorite right now is still the painting “Emotions”. Just something about looking at it brings me into it… So, thanks for sharing and congratulations on your exhibit in Florence, The people there are in for a real treat… God Bless, Your friend and admirer of your Art, Bonnie

  38. Dear Elisha, I am really Very Happy for you. “Kol Ha’Kavod”! You must be Thrilled. I wish you a great Success with your exhibition at the 2009 Florence Biennale. Best Regards, Lysiane

  39. I am so proud of you Elisha! You are God bless. Coretha

  40. Beautiful pictures Elisha! We are proud to say we know an artist like you. Congratulations. Bob and Hadassah

  41. Congratulations, Elisha! This is indeed very exciting news! You’re famous! I looked at all the websites – Your paintings are very beautiful and moving. I add my best wishes to the many that have already expressed themselves in the fulfillment of your artistic career. Warmest regards, Sheila Polzin

  42. Elisha, I am very excited for you. This is a well deserved honor to exhibit in the Florence Biennale. I hope the exhibition opens many new doors for you. Jan

  43. Congratulations Elisha! G-d honors those whose eyes are in the beauty of this place… Good for You! Love Bev David Jessie and Zac

  44. Elisha, We are honored to be your friend and we are so happy for your opportunity to show your art in the Florence Biennale in Italy. Joe & Annie

  45. Elisha – This is awesome news!! Thanks so much for sharing. Your family must be very proud of you and your accomplishments! Please keep me posted on everything. Warmest regards, Andrea

  46. Elisha, Once again—CONGRATULATIONS on your achievements!!!! I think of you and your dear wife often. I am forever grateful for your part in enriching my life! Shalom, Pastor Greg Decker

  47. Dear Elisha, This is so exciting and I am so proud to know you and so pleased for you to receive such a high honor at the Biennale. Thank you for sharing your good news with me and I wish you good luck in the show in Italy. I will be waiting to hear all about it after the show is over. May you have safe travel. Sincerely, Joan Marker

  48. Thanks for sharing the exciting news about the Biennale! I am not an art critic, but one thing I can say: Your art brings out an emotion in me that I have never experienced before… I love it! – Chuck

  49. Elisha, How wonderful! Just remember us little people here in Milwaukee who knew you before you became so famous. I can only imagine how you must feel, the total joy of having so many people admiring your work and it’s only the beginning. I wonder why it took so long to be appreciated considering how long you’ve been painting. I looked at all your work on your web-site and I can see why you have such a following. You are in the right place now to be appreciated and I’m sure you will have a great future in the art world. I checked the article in NY Art Magazine and it is a great tribute to you. You are far more accomplished and talented than I realized. Congratulations again! Again, thanks for sharing your excitement with me. Sincerely, Joan Marker

  50. “I just want to express my regards from Athens. I want one more time to say that I am very impressed with your wonderful paintings.” – Katerina from Athens, Greece

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