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International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami 2013


The International Biennale Artists group was formed at the 2009 Florence Biennale show, where 77 United States’ artists exhibited their art. As of today the group has blossomed and consists of 1,100 international acclaimed artists and is among the largest groups of artists in the world.The idea and goal of forming the International Biennale Artists group is to provide artists a platform for dialogue.

Since a young age, painting and sculpturing have always been a major part of my being. My paintings are about the essence and rhythm of life, depicting symbols of life the way I see them. The struggle of making a society more receptive to art has followed me throughout my life. I strongly believe that art plays a vital role in every society by transforming thinking and understanding of the immediate surroundings.

On behalf of the International Biennale Artists I thank the Mayor of the City of Miami, Mr. Tomás Regalado, and Ms. Mercedes Cisneros, Chairwoman of the Miami’s Arts & Entertainment Council for hosting and facilitating our show. Very special thanks are also due to Maria Napoles and Tata Fernandez for their tireless efforts in organizing the show.

Elisha Ben Yitzhak, Artist
Founder of the International Biennale Artists

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