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Jerusalem In God’s Hands


Jersualem In God's Hands

“Jerusalem In God’s Hands”

Since young age my love of Jerusalem was deep and profound. I always related to Jerusalem as the center of the universe. There is no other place on earth which is closer to God than the City of Jerusalem. On this basis I created this painting.

Acrylic canvas.

36” Wide X 24″ H

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Viewer Impressions

  1. Good Morning Elisha, Your painting is beautiful and meaningful and your commentary brings it all together. Thanks for sharing. I bet the original painting is even more beautiful.

  2. Elisha, What a beautiful inspirational painting! Thank you for sharing it with us. We, too, think of Jerusalem as the center of the universe! Shalom, Don & Jan

  3. Dear Elisha, It is really beautiful you have you have exceeded yourself. I wish I could do the same for my Sorrento.

  4. Elisha, it is a beautiful picture. You are a wonderful artist. The title is great. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of art.

  5. I have loved many of your paintings but this one is very special. It’s almost overwhelming just looking at it. It is so timely with Israel in so much danger. This painting is beyond beautiful. Well Done Elisha

  6. Interesting conception, Elisha. Very colorful. Has that definite Elisha signature colors. Probably the most literal painting you’ve done or at least that I have seen. Nice work.

  7. Shalom Shalom my friend. Great painting! I love your work. Keep your artistic juices flowing. If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget how to play the harp. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Elisha, This painting is BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Beautiful! You have such a gift, and how wonderful that you are finding new life and energy as you use it! Great to see your painting!!!

  10. Hi Elisha, Your latest painting is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

  11. It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me. Be well, Heidi

  12. Elisha, Your painting is an incredible art. Very moving! It makes me want to be there.

  13. Elisha, my knowledge of art is minimal but as far as I am concerned this painting is a Masterpiece. I am so proud of you.

  14. MAGNIFICENT! WONDERFUL! OUTSTANDING! EXCELLENT! The composition is very attractive and colorful and I can see the changes in your paintings. It is good because there is something different, but still Elisha Ben Yitzhak the artist.

  15. Elisha, True to your style; another beautiful and thoughtful painting! All the best, Bronwyn

  16. I believe this has to be the one I love the most. Wow so profound.

  17. It’s beautiful. And I agree with you completely that Jerusalem is the center of the universe. Thanks for sharing this painting. I am very proud of you. Continue producing more excellent work of art. Shalom, Shirley

  18. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.

  19. Hi Elisha, The painting is beautiful…very special! We share your love for Jerusalem! You have such a wonderful gift! God bless!

  20. Elisha, you are so famous and I am so happy for you. Your friends and relatives gave you the honor you deserve. Go on with the way you are and do what you love to do. Don’t let anyone stand in the way. Some people will try to pull you down because of jealousy. You deserve all the credit for the amazing work you are doing with your own hands, talent and imagination.

  21. It’s absolutely beautiful, Elisha. I love all of your work and thanks for sharing it with me.

  22. Elisha, Thank you for sharing your beautiful new painting with us!

  23. Elisha, I think you are a giant human been with a huge heart, true to your word and respectful of others. Your art reflects the warmth of your personality. I am honored to be your friend.

  24. Wow, Elisha, I love this painting!

  25. Dear Elisha,

    Joe and I are very touched by your generous gift. We love the painting “Jerusalem in God’s Hands” very much. It was so thoughtful, and considerate of you to share yourself with us. Thank you again for such a wonderful gift.

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